Set on prime land along the Negombo – Colombo main road is the radiant eye hospital. It’s pleasing greenery coupled with minimalist design is a visible change to the norm. The soothing colour scheme and choice of tropical vegetation to adorn its otherwise uncluttered facade create a unique atmosphere. The custom designed timber furniture enhances the overall design.



The most noteworthy architectural feature of this building is the complete indifference to the rather depressing typical hospital design language.

This building is daylight integrated except areas which require regulated indoor conditions.

The spaces are designed to have a relaxing resort impression that is not disturbed by bold signage. At the entrance, patients are automatically directed towards the reception by the slightly off-axis placement of the reflective pool which is a clever trick to avoid unpleasant signage.  
With the “Maa Dan” tree at its center, surrounded with the large pool, patients at the waiting area could gaze at the ever changing reflections of the sunlight and be fascinated by the swimming creatures that inhabit the pool.





Soft music is played throughout the day that complements the atmosphere. Multiple TV displays are placed at the waiting areas both providing entertainment and educating the patients while they wait. Guests could freely use the beautifully designed and ever clean washrooms which are yet again a visible change from the typical public washrooms. There is a canteen that can facilitate many guests comfortably. At the back of the hospital is a large parking facility equipped with security personnel.